12. December 2022 ABAP fun

One of my teachers in professional school said (about 1993; Linux Torvalds startet programming Linux in 1991…):

Unix is the most expensive computer game. If you’re still not satisfied, you can install SAP R/3 upon.

That was the first time I heard of SAP as a game. Of course it is everything else then a game, but a professional ERP system. Never the less, I find it more interesting to learn things the fun way. So I started to challenge the graphical output of the SAP system on the one hand and tried to learn new things on the other hand by programming games in the SAP system. But I am not alone. There are a lot of other people who developed games.

ABAP Games in the SAP documentation

At least Horst Keller put three ABAP games in the SAP documentation.

ZAPyard and Super Mario Bros.

ZAPyard provides a tutorial on how to implement a Super Mario Bros. like game in UI5.

ABAPgames on github

In the github organisation ABAPgames I started to collect all games that I could find.

Axage – An ABAP TeXt Adventure Game Engine

You can find my text adventure creator Axage here.

Battle Ships

Lukasz Pegiel developed Battle ship for two players.

Impossible Minesweeper

A very interesting game of Stefan is the Dynpro Minesweeper:

The speciality here is, that Stefan implements a right-click-feature for push-buttons… ­čśë

Yahtzee! clone ABAPdicer

One of my favorite games is the ABAPdicer. We created this game Yahtzee!-clone in some Code-Dojo sessions. The game consists of three parts:

  • Rule Framework
  • Strategy implementation
  • Visualization/ Statistics

The main intention was to provide a platform/ framework where each developer could program his own strategy and try to win against other strategy implementations.

The reason why I love this project is, because it has lots of opportunities:

  • change rules
    • change the number of dice rolls
    • change the number of dice
    • change the number of dice values
  • Different statistics overviews
  • Fight of strategies
    • which one gets the highest scores?
    • which one beats others?
    • which is the fastest?

Christmas Tree

Michael Keller created a christmas tree in ABAP last year, bringing the graphics to its limit:

Have fun!


Enno Wulff