13. December 2022 SREPO

Do you know transaction SREPO? No? Then listen closely…!

SREPO is a former SAP internal transaction that compares the code base of one system with the code base of another system. There are variety of options on how to select the objects to be compared. Of course you will have to define an RFC-destination of the system you want to compare the objects with. When executing the transaction, you will see a list of objects that can be compared (Objects that do not exist in the remote system, cannot be compared)


You will get a list of the objects that only exist in the local system (left), a list with objects that only exist in the remote system (right) and the intersection of both systems (middle).

Hit Version Comparison to compare the selected objects between both systems.

A light indicates whether the objects are identical or not. When double clicking on an object, you will see the version comparison tool for that object.

You can even save that result of the comparison for whatever reason.

A great help to check versions in two different systems.

Thanks to Rolf Manzke for this hint!

Enno Wulff