14. December 2022 ABAP stutters

Some time ago Jupp startet a little ABAP „poem“ at ABAPforum.com:

types: type(20) type c. 
types: of type table of type. 
constants: value value '-'. 
parameters: split type type. 
data table type of. 
data into value value. 
data at type type. 
split split at into into table table. 
split at at into into table table.

Stutter Contest

That startet a contest of how good and how many repeating words can be put into a program.

This is the result: ABAP Stotterwettbewerb.

I extracted all (most) of the poems and put them to github.

Some of the reports are variations with slight differences. Some of the reports of the contest had too many compiling errors, so that I cut out the faulty code or completely dismissed the report. I put the most small contributions into a bigger report.

  DATA: if, eq, to, ne, add, elseif, subtract, from.
  IF if EQ eq.
    ADD add TO to.
  ELSEIF elseif NE ne.
    SUBTRACT subtract FROM from.          .

The contest is from 2005. Maybe there are some more options with the new ABAP syntax?

ABAP interpreter

A few years later the ABAP interpreter also began to stutter: Funny: stuttering ABAP syntax checker


Enno Wulff