2. December 2022 Clean ABAP

I do not think that there is any other discussion in the field of ABAP where people are more emotional than the discussion if Hungarian Notation should be used or not. In 2019 SAP started the Clean Code Initiative on github where they officially state that hungarian notation should not be used anymore.

Clean Code is a programming paradigm with a lot of topics:

  • readability
  • clarification
  • how to use naming
  • design principles
  • and many more

The Open Source pages are even better documented in the Book Clean ABAP published in the Rheinwerk-Verlag. There are two detailed reviews of this book by two honorable members of the SAP-Community:

SAP Champion Michael Keller: Book Review Clean ABAP

ABAP To The Future Author Paul Hardy: Review Part 1 and Part 2.

If you haven’t dealt with clean code so far, you should do it as soon as possible. If you play around with Clean Code it will change the way you look at code and the way you will write your next programs. Some might look to you narrow-minded but they make sense the more you think about it.

On of the best memes that I have seen about why to use clean code, is the following:

Lessons learned: avoid using global variables.

Original on Twitter.

Enno Wulff