22. December 2022 Design Pattern

Design patterns are one of the most important things in programming. At a certain point in your own programming career you will have to deal with design patterns. And still some programmers have no idea, what design patterns are and what they are for. If you are a programmer and you don’t know anything about design patterns, then it’s time to learn.


If you want to know, what Design Patterns are, I recommend to read the following article by Refactoring Guru. Refactoring Guru provides a very good overview on the history, classification and examples of design patterns.

There is also a free online book about Design Patterns on Sourcemaking.com.

Design Patterns and ABAP

When searching for design patterns and ABAP, you will find the following sites:

  • Zevolving
  • blogs.sap.com
  • others


Naimesh Patel published some ABAP examples for a lot of design patterns years ago and they are still valid and helpful.


Of course there are then and now articles about design patterns. Here are some:

And some articles by by Jerry Wang

And of course Paul Hardy has published some posts about Design Patterns:




Design Patterns in ABAP Objects

Read this book about Desing Patterns by Kerem Koseoglu:

The extract is about the MVC Design Pattern.

Head First Design Patterns

A book that helped me understanding Design Patterns is Head First Design Patterns by O’Reilly.

Anti Pattern

The Design Patterns are valuable techniques with their pros and cons. You will have to check what patterns suit best. But there are patterns that are always bad: The Anti Patterns. Again Paul Hardy had something to say about it: Anti Patterns and Anti Patterns two. Also read the article Anti Patterns in ABAP Development Projects by SAP-Mentor Tobias Trapp.


Enjoy patterns!

Enno Wulff