5. December 2022 ABAPConf

The second ABAPConf is coming!! The completely free and online conference about ABAP starts on December 7th at 8:30 CET.

There will be three channels about very interesting topics held by well known people of the SAP universe. If you have any appointments, meetings or other obligations: CANCEL THEM!! 😉 I promise that you will not be disappointed! The talks are in german and english language.


Michelle Crapo, a well known member of the SAP community and SAP Champion, already picked her talks:

  • ABAP Quickfixes for S4/HANA Conversions
  • ABAP File Formats by Albert Mink and Lars Hvam
  • Tweaking ABAP (aka ABAP enhancer)
  • Develop cloud-ready custom code with Embedded Steampunk on-premise
  • Clean Core Strategy for WRICEF developments
  • Meet the speakers
  • RAP Troubleshooting – ABAP Cross Trace introduction
  • 4 abapGit Use Cases That Will Blow Your Mind (and gCTS won’t help a bit)

I think, there is nothing to add. Pick your favorite talks from the agenda and listen and learn.



  • 28 Speaker
  • 16 Sessions + Keynote
  • 5 Inside Talks
  • Relation German : English => 50:50
  • more than 1.000 registrations


  • 921 visitors attended the live Keynote
  • more than 17.000 Views of the Live Streams
  • Visitors from all over the world, most from the DACH region
  • 100% positive Feedback


The ABAPConf event was founded by Sören Schlegel and Tobias Hofmann in 2021 supported by Johann FĂ¶ĂŸleitner and Domi Bigl. They found that the ABAP language was missing on the SAP conferences. Or, if not missing, it become very rare. So they decided to start a conference format where ABAP should be the main part again and not only a side note. Tobias said that the capital C is very important as it is a humorous allusion to the COBOL-Language.

ABAPConf on Youtube

The recordings of the ABAPConf 2021 can be found here:

Enno Wulff