6. December 2022 Coding Train

The Coding Train is a collection of learning videos and community interaction founded by Daniel Schiffman. Dan has a wonderful humoruos and enteratining way to explain all kind of computer related things. There are mainly two channels:


In the Tracks section Dan describes and explains all kind of things so that you can learn how to do it by yourself. His main intention is to teach you, how to code. He uses mainly p5.js because this javascript library is optimized for learning, sketching and grpahics.


The challenges are the part where I learnt about Dan. I do not know which the first video was, that I saw, but I remember that it was very entertaining. In the challenges Dan sets himself a goal of what to program within an hour time. This gives a lot of insights to the coding process. Even if you do not know the p5.js framework or you do not know anything about javascript, then you will get the point, how the solution will work. I was inspired by a lot of challenges to rebuild them in ABAP and use them for ABAP Code-Dojos.

The latest challenges are about programming on an Apple II+ with AppleSoft Basic:

Take a trip back in time and watch me attempt to build a 3D graphics engine in AppleSoft BASIC on a restored Apple II+ computer! Can I render a spinning cube?

Have fun and enjoy Dan teaching you fantastic things.

Enno Wulff